2018 MEDIA

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-31-2018 Wednesday: An Open Heaven

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-28-2018 Sunday: Syria Wars Against Israel

AUDIO (.mp3): 10-24-2018 Wednesday: Where Did the Axe Head Fall?

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-21-2018 Sunday: The Axe Head, Something Borrowed

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-17-2018 Wednesday: Every Man A Beam (Part 2)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-14-2018 Sunday: Every Man A Beam (Part 1)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-10-2018 Wednesday: 2 Kings 6:1-2 Father/Sons, Narrow Place, Every Man a Beam

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-06-2018 Sunday: Corey Reid

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-03-2018 Wednesday: Gehazi’s Greed and Judgment

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-30-2018 Sunday: Naaman Obeys the Word of the Lord

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-26-2018 Wednesday: Naaman’s Pride

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-23-2018 Sunday: Naaman and the Little Maid

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-19-2018 Wednesday: The Miracle of the Loaves of Bread

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-16-2018 Sunday: The Pot of Poison is Healed

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-12-2018 Wednesday: The Restoration of the Son

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-09-2018 Sunday: Candlestick – Revelation & Illumination

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-05-2018 Wednesday: Stool – The Lord’s Place of Authority

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-02-2018 Sunday: Dale E. Frasier

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-29-2018 Wednesday: Table – The Lord’s Place of Covenant Part 2

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-26-2018 Sunday: Table – The Lord’s Place of Covenant Part 1

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-22-2018 Wednesday: Bed – The Place of Rest

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-19-2018 Sunday: The Raising of the Shunammite’s Son (Part 1 & 2)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-12-18 Sunday: Elisha and the Widow’s Oil (Part 2)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-08-2018 Wednesday: Elisha and the Widow’s Oil (Part 1)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-01-2018 Wednesday: A Provision of Water In The Desert (Part 2)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-29-2018 Sunday: The Provision Of Water In The Desert

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-25-2018 Wednesday: The She-Bears Out of the Woods (2 Kings 2:23-25)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-22-2018 Sunday: The Waters Are Healed at Jericho

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-18-2018 Wednesday: God Speaks 3 Times

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-15-2018 Sunday: Key Principles Concerning the Truth of Life and Immortality (Part 2)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-11-2018 Wednesday: Key Principles Concerning the Truth of Life and Immortality (Part 1)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-08-2018 Sunday: Immortality Is Brought To Life Through The Gospel

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-03-2018 Wednesday: Corey Reid

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-20-2018 Wednesday: The Full Portion of His Annointing

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-17-2018 Sunday: My Father, My Father

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-13-2018 Wednesday: A Corporate People Must Pass Over Jordan

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-10-2018 Sunday: What’s Your Occupation? To Cross Over

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-06-2018 Wednesday: My Firstborn Son

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-03-2018 Sunday: Crossing The Jordan

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-30-2018 Wednesday: Standing At The Jordan

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-27-2018 Sunday: Jericho, The Sweet Smelling Fragrance

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-23-2018 Wednesday Elijah and Elisha at Bethel, The House of God

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-20-2018 Sunday: The Testing of Elisha at Gilgal

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-16-2018 Wednesday: The Manna Has Ceased For Something Old and Something New

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-13-2018 Sunday: Gilgal – Part 2

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-09-2018 Wednesday: Gilgal – Part 1

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-06-2018 Sunday: The One True God of Elijah Answers By Fire Again

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-02-2018 Wednesday: Don’t Come Down From Crucified Life

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-29-2018 Sunday: A Contrast – Elijah and Ahab

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-22-2018 Sunday: There Is Yet One New Man

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-18-2018 Wednesday: Elijah Declares the Word of the Lord

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-11-2018 Wednesday: Naboth Stands Firm on the Word of the Lord

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-08-2018 Sunday: Christ Shall Reign Forever

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-04-2018 Wednesday: The Corporate Son of God vs. the corporate son of hell

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-01-2018 Sunday: The Calling of Elisha

AUDIO (*.mp3) 03-28-2018 Wednesday: Wind, Earthquake, Fire, and the Still Small Voice

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-25-2018 Sunday: Elijah Runs From Jezebel

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-21-2018 Wednesday: The Elijah Ministry Wears The Curious Girdle

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-18-2018 Sunday: Under the Mighty Hand of God

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-14-2018 Wednesday: There Is A Sound Of The Abundance Of Rain

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-11-2018 Sunday: Elijah Ministry Draws Near To God

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-07-2018 Wednesday: Two Measures of Seed

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-04-2018 Wednesday: We Must Prepare Ourselves For The Fire To Fall

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-28-2018 Wednesday: The Day Of The Lord Is Revealed By Fire

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-25-2018 Sunday: How Long Will You Halt Between Two Opinions?

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-21-2018 Wednesday: Thou Troublest Israel

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-18-2018 Sunday: Obadiah Meets Elijah In The Way

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-14-2018 Wednesday: The Elijah Ministry Revives The Truth of Sonship

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-11-2018 Sunday – 1 Kings 17: A Little Is A Lot In The Hands of God

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-07-2018 Wednesday – 1 Kings 17: The Widow Woman

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-04-2018 Sunday – Elijah at Cherith

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-31-2018 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-28-2018 Sunday: 1 John 1 – Dale E Frasier

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-24-2018 Wednesday: Truth #2 – He Shall Come

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-21-2018 Sunday: Truth #1 – Elijah Did Come

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-17-2018 Wednesday: Elijah Ministry – Part 2

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-14-2018 Sunday: Elijah Ministry Introduction

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-10-2018 Wednesday: Israel My Son

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-07-2018 Sunday: Instruction For A Son