2017 MEDIA

AUDIO (*.mp3): 11-12-2017 Sunday: Jesus Our Example of Subjection

AUDIO (*.mp3): 11-08-2017 Wednesday: The Light that Rises in the Feast of Tabernacles

AUDIO (*.mp3): 11-05-2017 Sunday: Feast of Tabernacles – A Brother Is Born For Adversity

AUDIO (*.mp3): 11-01-2017 Wednesday: Day and Night

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-29-2017 Sunday: Dale E. Frasier

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-25-2017 Wednesday: The Feast of Tabernacles in the Mount of Transfiguration

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-22-2017 Sunday: Plow Now and You Will Not Beg During the Harvest

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-18-2017 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-15-2017 Sunday: The Scriptures Cannot Be Broken

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-08-2017 Sunday: Scriptures Will Be Fulfilled

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-04-2017 Wednesday: The Secret Place of the Most High

AUDIO (*.mp3): 10-01-2017 Sunday: Tabernacles – Appearing In A People

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-27-2017 Wednesday: Tabernacles – The Feast of His Appearing

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-24-2017 Sunday: Stand In Your Place

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-20-2017 Wednesday: Haggai (Part 2) – The Temple Restored

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-17-2017 Sunday: Haggai Prophecies (Part 1)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-13-2017 Wednesday: Restoration of the Temple

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-10-2017 Sunday: The Resting Place of God

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-06-2017 Wednesday: The Counterfeit Feast

AUDIO (*.mp3): 09-03-2017 Sunday: The Resting Place of God

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-30-2017 Wednesday: The Melchizedek Priesthood Revealed in the Feast of Tabernacles

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-27-2017 Sunday: The Feast of Glory

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-23-2017 Wednesday: The Feast of Rest

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-20-2017 Sunday: The Feast of Ingathering

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-16-2017 Wednesday: The Feast of Joy

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-13-2017 Sunday: Dale E. Frasier

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-09-2017 Wednesday: The Feast of Tabernacles is Unity

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-06-2017 Sunday: The Branch Man is a Booth

AUDIO (*.mp3): 08-02-2017 Wednesday: He Showed Us the End at the Beginning

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-30-2017 Sunday: Hunger & Thirst After Righteousness

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-26-2017 Wednesday: The Fullness of Worship from Behind the Veil

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-23-2017 Sunday: Day of Atonement – Part 2

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-19-2017 Wednesday: Day of Atonement

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-16-2017 Sunday: Beyond the Veil

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-12-2017 Wednesday: Partakers of His Sufferings

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-09-2017 Sunday: How Will This Happen

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-05-2017 Wednesday: Until Christ Be Formed In You

AUDIO (*.mp3): 07-02-2017 Sunday: Putting Away Sin and Carnality

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-28-2017 Wednesday: A Second Cleansing

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-25-2017 Sunday: Atonement Defined

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-21-2017 Wednesday: Introduction to The Day of Atonement

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-18-2017 Sunday: The Blowing of the Trumpets

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-11-2017 Sunday: A Certain Sound

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-07-2017 Wednesday: An Appointed Time

AUDIO (*.mp3): 06-04-2017 Sunday: Tim Frasier

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-31-2017 Wednesday: The Priesthood Weeps Between the Porch and the Altar

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-28-2017 Sunday: Blow A Trumpet In Zion

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-24-2017 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-21-2017 Sunday

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-17-2017 Wednesday: The Day of God’s Power

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-14-2017 Sunday: The Day of the Lord Emphasized

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-10-2017 Wednesday: The Day of the Lord

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-07-2017 Sunday: Dale E Frasier

AUDIO (*.mp3): 05-03-2017 Wednesday: Sound the Alarm

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-30-2017 Sunday: The Journey of the Camps

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-26-2017 Wednesday: The Calling of the Princes

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-23-2017 Sunday: The Calling of the Assembly

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-19-2017 Wednesday: Steve Jennings

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-16-2017 Sunday: Corey Reid

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-12-2017 Wednesday: Trumpets – A Clear Sounding Word

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-09-2017 Sunday: Tabernacle – Introduction to the Feast of Trumpets

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-05-2017 Wednesday: Pentecost – The 7 Lamps

AUDIO (*.mp3): 04-02-2017 Sunday: Pentecost – Two Loaves Formation of the Body

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-29-2017 Wednesday: Pentecost – Writing the Law on the Heart

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-26-2017 Sunday: Pentecost – Introduction to the Feast

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-22-2017 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-19-2017 Sunday: Everyday People Chosen By God

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-15-2017 Wednesday: Keep The Feasts (Part 2)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-12-2017 Sunday: Keep The Feasts (Part 1)

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-08-2017 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-05-2017 Sunday: When I Awake I Will Be In Thy Likeness

AUDIO (*.mp3): 03-01-2017 Wednesday: I Will Sup With You

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-26-2017 Sunday: Shut The Door

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-22-2017 Wednesday: Make Your Calling and Election Sure

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-19-2017 Sunday: Those With Like Precious Faith

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-15-2017 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-05-2017 Sunday: Sound Doctrine

AUDIO (*.mp3): 02-01-2017 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-28-2017 Sunday: The Peace Offering

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-25-2017 Wednesday: The Peace Offering

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-22-2017 Sunday: The Peace Offering

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-18-2017 Wednesday: The Vow in the Peace Offering

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-15-2017 Sunday: The Peace Offering

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-11-2017 Wednesday: The Peace Offering

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-08-2017 Sunday: The Peace Offering

AUDIO (*.mp3): 01-04-2017 Wednesday