2016 MEDIA

AUDIO (*.wma): 06-12-2016 Sunday: The Principle of the Offerings – Leviticus 1:1

AUDIO (*.wma): 06-08-2016 Wednesday: God’s Word – Be Holy

AUDIO (*.wma): 06-05-2016 Sunday: God’s Works – Sanctifier

AUDIO (*.wma): 06-01-2016 Wednesday: God’s Ways – Holy

AUDIO (*.wma): 05-29-2016 Sunday: Covenant People – Taught

AUDIO (*.wma): 05-25-2016 Wednesday: Covenant Nation – Separated

AUDIO (*.wma): 05-22-2016 Sunday: Covenant Principle – Worship

AUDIO (*.wma): 05-18-2016 Wednesday: Introduction to Leviticus 2

AUDIO (*.wma): 05-15-2016 Sunday: Introduction to Leviticus 1

AUDIO (*.wma): 05-11-2016 Wednesday: Fellowship

AUDIO (*.wma): 05-08-2016 Sunday

AUDIO (*.wma): 05-04-2016 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.wma): 05-01-2016 Sunday

AUDIO (*.wma): 04-27-2016 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.wma): 04-24-2016 Sunday

AUDIO (*.wma): 04-20-2016 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.wma): 04-17-2016 Sunday

AUDIO (*.wma): 04-13-2016 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.wma): 04-10-2016 Sunday

AUDIO (*.wma): 04-06-2016 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.wma): 04-03-2016 Sunday

AUDIO (*.wma): 03-30-2016 Wednesday: Corey Reid

AUDIO (*.wma): 03-27-2016 Sunday: Steve Jennings

AUDIO (*.wma): 03-23-2016 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.wma): 03-20-2016 Sunday: Unshakeable Remaining Things

AUDIO (*.wma): 03-16-2016 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.wma): 03-13-2016 Sunday: The Son Is Subject To The Father

AUDIO (*.wma): 03-09-2016 Wednesday: Steve Jennings

AUDIO (*.wma): 03-06-2016 Sunday: Corey Reid

AUDIO (*.wma): 03-02-2016 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.wma): 02-28-2016 Sunday: Called Up To God and His Throne

AUDIO (*.wma): 02-21-2016 Sunday: A Man Child

AUDIO (*.wma):02-17-2016 Wednesday: Dale E. Frasier

AUDIO (*.wma): 02-14-2016 Sunday: The Lord and His Christ

AUDIO (*.wma): 02-10-2016 Wednesday: The True Seed of Abraham

AUDIO (*.wma): 02-07-2016 Sunday: As We Are One

AUDIO (*.wma): 02-03-2016 Wednesday: He Shall Be My Son

AUDIO (*.wma): 01-31-2016 Sunday: Everlasting Father

AUDIO (*.wma): 01-27-2016 Wednesday: Written For the Generation to Come

AUDIO (*.wma): 01-24-2016 Sunday: I Have Created Him For My Glory

AUDIO (*.wma): 01-20-2016 Wednesday: A Chosen Generation

AUDIO (*.wma): 01-17-2016 Sunday: 42nd Generation

AUDIO (*.wma): 01-10-2016 Sunday: Wisdom Has Built Her House

AUDIO (*.wma): 01-06-2016 Wednesday

AUDIO (*.wma): 01-03-2016 Sunday: Stood In Their Place